The CTA — or call to action — should be one of your main tools in the quest to overcome ad blindness. As we’ll see, an effective CTA can help your ad stand out from all the other distracting elements on the page, giving it a better chance of being seen and interacted with. But what makes for a good CTA? How are they written? What are the CTA best practices?

In this post, we answer these questions and more.

What is a CTA?

What is a CTA, really? Some marketers seem to add them as an afterthought — they might throw in a…

In our previous posts in this series, we’ve explored the psychological roots of ad blindness. In this post, we’ll turn our attention to ad design itself, providing you with a few tips and tricks you can use right now to design attention-grabbing display ads.

One way to overcome ad blindness is to veer slightly from established design standards. If you break the mold somewhat, your ads stand a better chance of being noticed. It’s a tricky balancing act, and it will require A/B testing on your part.

But it’s well worth the effort. In this post, we’ll outline some very…

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